Empowering Positive Parenting

Lee’s Summit CARES offers options for both in person and virtual workshops for parents and guardians to improve their skills with the youth in their lives. All  classes and webinars are designed to help with parenting children ages birth to young adult.

The popular, 6 week Becoming a Love and Logic Parent classes were developed by the Cline Fay Institute. Using Love and Logic curriculum, this class aims to help equip you with education and skills to  form a foundation of good behavior and healthy decision making for your child(ren).  

Each session meets for 1 hr during the evening  for 6 weeks.  We  currently have 4 facilitators who have been trained in the Love and Logic way of parenting and are ready to share what they know. 
• Influence your child’s behavior
• Raise responsible problem-solvers
• Manage social media usage
• Shut the door on teasing, taunting and bullying


If you have questions, please reach out to Lee’s Summit CARES Program Director, Vanessa Hickman at 816-347-3075 or LSCares@rediscovermh.org.

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Positive Parenting Practices

Free Prerecorded Parenting Webinars

Nurturing a Resilient Family

Learn strategies to help your family better adapt in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy or even significant sources of stress, such as a pandemic.

Power of Parents

This program empowers parents of middle and high school students to have ongoing, intentional conversations about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking.

Talking to Your Kids About Difficult Subjects

Learn how to guide your children through difficult situations and address tough topics such as death, divorce, racism, natural disasters, etc.

Back to School Success: Setting the Stage for a Great School Year

Topics include back to school anxiety, maintaining student motivation regardless of the learning platform and how to help children succeed in school.

Keeping the Peace in Your Home

Join us for an online class about keeping the peace in your home – especially challenging while we spend more time at home.

Family Teamwork

Learn strategies and techniques to get your child to help with chores.

Creative Ways to Respond to “I’m Bored!”

Stress-reducing ways parents can respond when their kids say “I’m bored!”

Flattening the Stress Curve

Join Love and Logic Facilitator Kerri Gray as she discusses how parents can lower stress in themselves and their families.

Helping Your Family Adapt to Change

How change impacts you and your family, especially during times of crisis. Learn specific strategies and techniques for responding and adjusting to change.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Learn a few practices that can help you live a more meaningful life! Applications for both adults and youth will be shared.

QPR – Question, Persuade, Refer:

meaningful life! Applications for both adults and youth will be shared. girl with mask QPR – Question, Persuade, Refer: How to start the conversation about suicide.

Parenting Teens: Part 1

Learn how to help teens navigate into adulthood. Brain development, typical behavior vs. warning signs and available resources..

Parenting Teens: Part 2

Adapt your parenting style for these critical years. Maintaining positive relationships, discipline strategies and saying ‘no’ to negative influences.

Win or Lose, Champions for Life

Help your child build inner strength through activities and sports. Encourage kids to develop their potential while teaching important character traits.

Helping Youth Overcome Social Anxiety

Improve social interactions, develop meaningful relationships, reduce anxiety.

Manage Change and Transitions

Learn how parents can help kids manage school and other transitions with a focus on the move from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school.

Introduction to Youth Mental Health

Learn how parents can help kids manage school and other transitions with a focus on the move from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school.

Cyberbullying: Information for Parents

Learn how to foster positive youth mental health, recognize signs of problems and support someone going through a mental health challenge.

Are You a Good Listener?

Improve your parent/child relationship with communication strategies that work! Learn how to be a better listener, how to communicate so that your child listens and strategies to resolve conflict.

Could You Use Some Love and Logic® ?

Do you find parenting to be the most challenging yet rewarding responsibility? Could you use some help to establish a positive discipline foundation in your home? Lee’s Summit CARES offers the popular Becoming a Love and Logic Parent classes developed by the Cline Fay Institute.