Internet Safety Workshops for Parents

boy on computer How has technology changed since you were a child? Did you grow up with computers, Facebook, smartphones, gaming devices, and/or iPads? No? Do you ask yourself, “What does my child do with all this stuff?” That is an excellent question!

While technology can offer connectedness and information, those same attributes, if misused, can also be quite harmful. Many children know more about web navigation and computer programming than their parents. Computer savvy does not mean computer safe. Without the proper guidance and monitoring, youth can be lured into a sphere of digital and real-world dangers. Just as you monitor your child’s activities and with whom they spend their time, you should also be diligent about monitoring their digital activities.

Internet safety is now included in our Becoming a Love and Logic Parent program. Through this program parents are made aware of how youth are communicating online, how to communicate with youth about online behavior and establish guidelines for technology use. Participants are welcome to attend the entire parenting program or chose to attend by topic.