Creating a Healthy, Safe Community for Youth and Families  

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Awareness and prevention resources that inspire physical and mental wellness

Youth are more at risk when adults don’t know how to support them.

There’s always new information coming out about Mental Health, Substance misuse, bullying, and suicide awareness.

 It leaves our youth vulnerable:


  • Our adults have a lack of data about what our kids are going through.
  • Kids may not have the support they need to make positive choices.
  • Youth are left vulnerable to life-altering substances and mental health issues.

We provide Direct Programming to bridge the information gap between adults and youth.

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Lee’s Summit CARES Helps Bridge the Gap In Information about Risks

So our community members can better support our youth

We’re here to connect those inside our community to the resources and partners they need to support our youth and help them become the healthiest version of themselves both inside and out. Together, we can make a greater impact, ensuring the children and families of Lee’s Summit are equipped to make positive choices.

Lee’s Summit CARES roots itself in creating and fostering a healthy and safe environment for the community. It’s those ideals and values that I think are vital in creating a welcoming and thriving community, and I take great pride in knowing the assistance Lee’s Summit CARES provides to the community in those endeavors.”

– Ryan Gibson, Lee’s Summit CARES Board President

Helping Families Since 1986

  • 2017 Nonprofit of the Year
  • Certified coalition in the state of Missouri
  • 6500+ children helped
  • 4000+ parents served in parenting courses

A Story of Community Impact

Hear from a local case manager about the difference Lee’s Summit CARES parenting classes are making in the residents of Hillcrest Transitional Housing.

“When I first met Susan (name changed to protect identity) and her two children, ages 2 and 11, I was interviewing her and her family for housing. She was in an abusive relationship, and her world was very chaotic. During the interview, her two-year-old was running around. If you told the child no, she would fall on the floor and scream. Susan used her 11-year-old son to correct the two-year-old. He acted as the parent in the playroom—not having fun but making sure his younger sister was acting correctly.

Susan began to take Lee’s Summit CARES (LSC) parenting classes at Hillcrest Transitional Housing. After 60 days in the Hillcrest program and a couple of weeks attending LSC’s parenting classes, I saw the difference in Susan’s parenting style and behavior changes in her children.
Susan mentioned parenting was becoming less stressful for her and her children.

When the two-year-old was corrected, she no longer fell to the floor, crying and screaming. Chores and consequences were clear. Her son would have the dishes done before Susan got home from work; he knew if they weren’t done, he wouldn’t be able to go outside or play video games.

I also received a letter from Susan’s mom stating she could see the changes in her daughter and grandchildren. It is great to see the difference LSC parenting classes are making in the residents of Hillcrest Transitional Housing.”


Written by a Hillcrest Transitional Living Case Manager about the benefits of Lee’s Summit CARES’ parenting classes provided at no cost to Hillcrest parents thanks to United Way funding:

Join us and make an impact:

Let’s work together to create a healthy, safe community for all Lee’s Summit families.

1. Get Involved

Your generosity will help foster better mental, physical, and emotional wellness throughout the Lee’s Summit area.

2. Change Lives

Our team will put your gift to work, empowering children and families to make healthy choices that set them up for long-term success.

3. See Your Impact

You’ll learn more about the legacy you’re leaving as we send you regular updates on the impact of your generosity.

We are a Coalition Focused on Community Empowerment

Our Mission

Lee’s Summit CARES mobilizes community partners to develop a physical and mental wellness culture for Lee’s Summit youth and families that inspires positive, healthy choices.

Our Vision

A healthy and safe community for children, youth, and families of the Greater Lee’s Summit area.

We Have a Continued Commitment to Caring for Our Community

Having been extablished in the Lee’s Summit community for 40 years, Lee’s Summit CARES has seen firsthand the impact its residents can have on one another. There are so many incredible people here, and we aim to bring these people together to make a difference in the lives of the youth and families we serve here in Lee’s Summit and Greater Kansas City.

Throughout our surrounding communities, we can work to foster a healthier, safer place for all of us to live. We look forward to building a community that is safe for all and and with your help no child, parent, or community member will lack the resources needed to make informed decisions about a better future. We’re grateful for your support and can’t wait to continue changing lives together!

C.D. Madden, Sr. M.Ed., Executive Director

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