DARE - Drug Abuse Resistance Education

The DARE program is structured to empower students to make safe choices. The purpose of the program is to prevent substance abuse among school age children by providing students with accurate information about alcohol and drugs.

The curriculum teaches students:

DAREThe Lee’s Summit DARE program consists of classes at the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 7th grade levels (in the Blue Springs schools, it is 2nd and 5th grade). The 2nd and 4th grade classes are visitations to introduce the students to the program. The core curriculum is taught in the 6th grade and culminates with a DARE Graduation at each school. The 7th grade “Keeping it Real” curriculum is a continuing education program. Instructors teach and mentor approximately 1300 students annually.

Specially Trained Officers

Prospective DARE officers go through an internal selection process and then attend a rigorous two week certification course sponsored and taught by DARE America. The course contains the lesson plans certified by DARE to be used in the elementary and middle schools and officers must pass the course to be certified to teach. They also attend conferences annually for continuing education and re-certification.

There are currently four officers that serve the 24 elementary, middle, and parochial schools in Lee’s Summit. Sgt. Cary Colyne is the Supervisor of the Juvenile Division.