Love and Logic Success Stories

Since I’ve been using the techniques I have learned it made it so easy to respond to my daughter when she left her strings at home and asked me to bring it. I locked in that empathy, told her, “Oh bummer!” She says, “Can you bring it to school?” I said, I’m sorry but I’m unable to do that, but be sure to put it by the door tomorrow. She was shocked. She actually thought I was coming.

I love you too much to argue with you… is worth its weight in gold.

“I gave my kids the choice of getting to school on time, or taking their time and going in later, but they would need to go to after school daycare. They chose to get to school on time. Now I get to work on time.”

We say almost an immediate change in our boys! They become more responsible and are making better choices. It is great to have less arguing! It takes practice to use this new approach but it’s worth it.

"Uh Oh, sounds like someone needs some bedroom time,” has been and is such an effective technique. Our son almost immediately stops whining, crying or being too loud about nothing and responds to us much more positively. He is usually more open to discuss with us what choice he will make without us having to force something out of him

Mrs. Gray was very helpful with keeping things positive and hopeful. The first day when I left I was overcome by the concept that parenting could be fun. We had lost that over the years in our home. I hadn’t enjoyed my role in years! I am operating from a completely different perspective now and it is improving my relationship with my son and husband.

dad reading