"Don't Buy the Lie" Anti-Marijuana Campaign

Don't Buy the LieAs Missouri considers legalizing marijuana in 2015, we need advocates to be proactive to help preserve the good health of our city. We will be working with volunteers to form an action plan. A possibility is to secure a citywide ban on marijuana growing, processing, and retail sales within the city limits. During the next six months, Lee’s Summit CARES will work with volunteers to mobilize residents, state legislators, county governments, and local municipalities to work within current federal law to prevent the spread of marijuana distribution and use in Lee’s Summit.

Where Do You Stand?

Why Do We CARE?

The legalization of marijuana directly impacts the youth-focused mission of our nonprofit. The mission of Lee's Summit CARES is to direct, support and actively coordinate efforts of the community to prevent and reduce youth substance abuse, promote youth safety and thereby improve the health and well-being of the community. Nationally, trends show that increased availability of a substance such as legalized marijuana directly impact the increased use of that drug by minors.