Youth Advisory Board

Youth Advisory Board

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The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is comprised of high school students from the Lee's Summit area who are empowered to provide activities and advocacy to promote a healthy and youth friendly community. Serving on this board will help students develop leadership skills and have a positive impact on peers, family and community norms surrounding youth substance use and teen violence. Members strive to practice good health habits by committing to a substance-free lifestyle.

YAB Application
Youth Advisory Board

Questions About YAB?

  • How do I join the Youth Advisory Board?
  • Do members earn community service hours?
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?
  • When are meetings held?
Applications are available here, from high school Resource Officers, high school Smart Club sponsors or by calling 816.347.3298
Yes, community services hours are granted for participation in all events and at every group meeting.
  • Members must practice good health habits by commiting to a substance-free lifestyle.
  • Members must demonstrate positive character traits.
  • Members are expected to attend 80% of the events held throughout the school year.
Meetings are occasionally held in person, but members will also meet virtually online through Group Me.