Statement of Solidarity

Lee’s Summit CARES stands in solidarity with our friends of color and their allies who seek justice for the recent tragic killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and all others who have died due to hatred acts of racism. Our hearts are heavy as we acknowledge the burden and pain you carry from the weight of inequities that persist in our society. We reject racism, bias and intolerance. We know it to be true that Black Lives Matter.

To the Lee's Summit and Blue Springs students sharing their stories of struggle, we hear you, we lift up your voices and we commit to working with you for change. We acknowledge that change must begin at a personal and family level, and we commit to making it happen within our organization and community as well. We will work to create safe spaces where individuals can engage in honest conversations. We pledge to listen carefully, confront our own biases, seek understanding and fully engage. We hold ourselves to a high standard of diversity and inclusion, and we call on all of our neighbors to do the same.