Mental Health & Well-Being

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Youth Wellness

Gaps in the system that provides mental health well-being for youth can harm individual young people and can also send dangerous messages to those in need who may conclude that there is no pathway to wellness. Lee’s Summit CARES catalyzes community organizations and businesses to elevate the issue of youth mental health well-being so that teens and families know they are not alone.

How Can You Help Make a Difference?

Join our Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Task Force, a group of 40 individuals committed to analyzing and understanding youth mental wellness gaps, needs and resources in Lee’s Summit. Contact Lee's Summit CARES.

Host a Youth Wellness Event at your school, church or club. We provide lessons on mental well-being that educate young people on coping skills, including sleep, healthy eating, mindfulness, stress management and more. To schedule an event contact Lee's Summit CARES.


"I Can Relate" Podcast Series

Lee's Summit CARES teamed up with Fredcasts to produce, "I Can Relate", a mental wellness podcast for teens, about teens and by teens. Hosts Devynn, Rylee, Chidera, Hudson and Olivia bring in a special guest to talk about what drives them to use their voice for change and why it's important their generation continue to speak up.

Why Do We Care?

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Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for ages 10-24. (2016 CDC WISQARS)
Four out of five teens who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs.
Boys are more likely than girls to die from suicide. Of the reported suicides in the 10 to 24 age group, 81% of the deaths were males and 19% were females. Girls, however, are more likely to report attempting suicide than boys. (2016 CDC)
A nationwide survey of high school students in the United States found that 16% of students reported seriously considering suicide, 13% reported creating a plan, and 8% reporting trying to take their own life in the 12 months preceding the survey. (2016 CDC)

Are you worried about your child? Use our navigational tool to learn about local options for help.

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